My tidying marathon

A couple of years ago, I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It really helped me evaluate my possessions more clearly, and I lightened my load of stuff considerably. Now that I’ve finished reading her latest book, Spark Joy, I am continuing the work that I never finished before. I tackled major components of our stuff last time, but I am determined to conquer everything this go-round. I’ve done clothes, kitchen stuff, art supplies, movies, bathroom stuff, electronics, outdoor toys, did the books last time. I might have to give them another look, though. There is still so much more to go: decorative stuff, storage items, collectibles, project stuff (ugh), old toys, old furniture in the attic, games, indoor toys, picnic/camping/outdoor stuff, yard stuff (stop laughing, I am gonna try to not kill things), laundry stuff, car stuff, tools, memory stuff, and photos.

Pretty sure the last two are gonna kill me.

I am totally on board with doing all of this and trying to do it as quickly as possible. I have discovered that I am more relaxed and able to focus on the things I need to do when I have less stuff and when the stuff that I do have is organized and easily accessible.


Part of the problem I have had and continue to have with both KonMari and all of the practical advice I’ve taken away from author Gretchen Rubin is that they seem to expect that people have a fair amount of money. If I could replace ALL of the clothes that don’t give me joy because they don’t fit right, are pilled and unfixable, etc., I would have about 10 pieces of clothing. So I have to keep some I don’t like just so I can have clothes to wear. Factor in that I would like to buy clothes that I can be sure are made without exploiting people, and I am doomed. I would have to use our entire family’s clothing budget on myself year-round for a couple of years just to buy a handful of fair trade pieces. I guess that means I’m going to go to Goodwill and thrift stores instead.

And on the same tight-budget line, I need homes for all the things I want to keep, but when I need shelving to make that happen and can’t just run out and get it, it puts a halt on a room and an entire set of stuff that needs to be put away. Argh.

Add in that I don’t multitask well. What that means is that when I’m in “tidying mode,” I neglect other things, like laundry, dishes, and my children. Then when I take a break to do those very needful things, I struggle to get back into tidying. But I desperately want it all done. Like, now. Or at least this summer. But summer is basically over, and I. Am. Not. Done. I’ve gotta figure out how to keep it going while continuing to do other things and dealing with the whole back-to-school month and all that that entails. 

I would welcome any tips you might have on balancing major projects such as overhauling every item you own with doing daily stuff. Particularly if you also struggle with multitasking. Because this IS going to happen. Somehow. 


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