Facebook Friday

So, on Sunday of this past week, I decided I was taking a little break from Facebook. I recently finished reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker, and it has made me even more aware of how much time I spend on it. I like for people to think well of me, so I generally keep my hidden habits…well, hidden. But I am seeking to be more open despite the fact that I know it will increase my vulnerability. (Vulnerability is hard when you’re a gold-star seeking lover of approval.) Therefore, I will confess the following: I think I have a mild addiction to Facebook. I would be horribly embarrassed to have the number of times a day I open that little app be tracked. Sure, I could probably ask them and find out, but I’ll just say it is probably 10. Or more. I open it to see if I have any notifications, to check to see if so-and-so responded to something I commented on, to see if Keith posted a pic of that thing we did, to have something to do while I wait in line or during commercial breaks, to see what happened since I last got on, to start my day…yes, I open it upon waking, sad little woman that I have become. *sigh*

So, the break was needed. I have itched to open it, I won’t lie. But I have found that I do a lot more other stuff, including just paying attention in general. It really does take my focus away from other people, projects, responsibilities, chores, etc. Meanwhile, I do use it to keep in touch with a lot of people who I want to stay in contact with. It’s a convenient way to do it. I love how easy it is to share pics so that family and friends can see my boys and what we’re up to. I hate how seeing other people’s pics causes me pangs of jealousy because I’m not doing such-and-such, or their house is so perfectly furnished and decorated, etc. And of course, that is on me, not them. I’m the one coveting over here. And I’m working on it.

This is what I’ve decided to do: I am experimentally going to just get on Facebook on Fridays. I originally thought about Sunday, but if part of the point is to pay more attention to people, that is a sorry day to do it. And it’s not alliterative. So, for the time being, I will be around for Facebook Friday. If you post something that you want me to see, you should message me about it or tag me so I’ll get a notification (that I can click on to check off my list!). I am probably also going to have to unfollow some groups and such that overnotify me. And I’ll have to go prioritize the people and pages whose posts I don’t want to miss. Keith is convinced that getting on Facebook once a week won’t allow me to be a part of conversations in comment threads, but I’m here to tell you that I will comment on that four-day-old post if I have something to say.

The trick will be figuring out what my rules will be for implementing Facebook Friday. Will I, on this one day a week where I use it, open it upon waking? Ew. No, that was a bad habit. Done there. But will I open it whenever I feel like it throughout the day? Will I limit myself to certain times? Set a timer for when I should hop off? Will I spazz out when I see how many notifications have piled up since Sunday and try to scroll through the entire week’s worth of posts? I will figure this out as I go to see what will keep me connected to my people via the internet and yet not sever the connections with my people in front of my actual face.

Wish me luck.


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