American-tinted glasses

I hate how my perspective is so wrapped up in our culture. Today, I was stressing about centerpieces for the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet next week. Yes, that’s right. I was stressing out. about centerpieces. for children. Ugh.

Then, while reading a bit from Women Are Scary, I was reminded to pray for children who don’t have all the things that my kids have, the very least of which is friggin’ centerpieces for a free banquet.

And I was reminded why I wanted to be a part of Trades of Hope in the first place. I want to be a part of the solution for mamas who want the best for their kids and just need a way to provide ongoing meals, shelter, clothing, and education. I will never meet most of the women who make the pieces that I wear, use in my home, and sell at parties. But I see pictures of some of their faces. I see pictures of some of their kids. And I remember why I was called to offer the opportunity to shop their fair trade products.

I will finish prepping the wretched centerpieces. But I will do so remembering that it is recreational for my kid and optional for me. I hope to continue to regard my day-to-day stressers with a big picture perspective that isn’t limited to my culture and my situation. This is not about me.


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