Women Are Scary (In My Pants)

My apologies to the non-Nerdfighters who are not familiar with the hilarious concept of adding the phrase “in my pants” to book titles. There are frankly few titles that it does not work on. 😉 It occurred to me the other day for this title, and it cracked me up.

Ok, now about the actual book, Women Are Scary, by Melanie Dale: I’m about halfway through it right now. I bought it last week at Barnes and Noble. I don’t buy a lot of books because I check them out from the library. But I couldn’t find this one at the library, so I flipped through it at the store and decided I needed to go ahead and get it.

I heard about it before Christmas when I saw a post that was shared about How to Have a Slave-Free Christmas by “Melanie Dale – Unexpected” on Facebook. She had created a list of places to shop from that you could be certain were not made with slave labor. Trades of Hope was on her list, which was very cool. So I started following her on Facebook and found out about her book. The cover was enough to hook me. ‘Cause I mean, we do this. We attack one another and leave teeth marks behind. And I don’t think we mean to be malicious most of the time. We’re often unintentionally scary.

It goes back to one of Gretchen Rubin’s Secrets of Adulthood: We’re more like other people than we suppose, and less like other people than we suppose. When we open up to each other, we will find out how much we have in common. And we can use Melanie’s concept of telling each other, “Dude, that’s awesome!” (my paraphrase) about the ways in which we’re different. We don’t have to be so scary.

I have made some amazing mom friends, almost 100% because the other moms reached out and included me. I am shy in groups where I don’t know people well, but I am trying to be more assertive in being the welcoming one. (I have so not arrived in that area.) Melanie uses a baseball analogy to talk about the levels of mom friends. I am so grateful for my fourth basers! 😉

You should totally read/buy this book. It’s funny and insightful. And if Melanie Dale is not a Nerdfighter, it’s only because she hasn’t heard the term yet. Her movie references and deep love of fantasy make it apparent. She is my kind of people, and so I want to share her with you guys, who are my people, too. Even if you aren’t as nerdy as I am. Here’s to being less scary all around and finding momfriends at every base level. 🙂women are scary


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