Fact or fiction

Well, right now, it’s fact for me. Because I’ve given up fiction for Lent. As an avid reader, particularly of fiction, this means having time available to do work and projects that is ordinarily spent on fiction in various forms. I am not watching tv or movies (with the notable exception of Downton Abbey on Sundays) or reading any fiction (with the exception of reading books to my kids).

I love fiction. I love diving into books that take me away from reality. They’re my escape. Fantasy worlds like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Wheel of Time, Percy Jackson…I go there and don’t have to think about reality for a while.

And yet, it’s got real purpose, fiction does. I carry it with me back to reality. And my reality affects the way I read it. It’s good for analogies with real life and can teach valuable life lessons, too, depending on how it’s done. I will definitely return to fiction, but this respite from it has me analyzing my sources of reading and watching (although sometimes the news could be classified as fiction, for sure), thinking about things.

Now, I really need to work on reading my Bible more. A lot more. I want it to be habit. Not in a bad way, but in a this-is-part-of-my-daily-life way. I would love to hear about how others make Scripture part of their daily lives.


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